Female Bullying
Education & Prevention

In the past, bullying was considered a problem among boys and was viewed as physical intimidation and violence. Experts are finding that bullying among girls is on the rise. Although it is more subtle, secretive and psychological in nature, the effects can be very serious and can last for years.

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Effects of Bullying

Being bullied can cause:

  • Low self esteem
  • Sadness and even depression
  • Poor body image and eating disorders
  • Headaches, stomach aches, and trouble sleeping
  • Skipping school and bad grades
  • Thoughts and acts of suicide

Beautiful Video

beautiful cover2

"Beautiful" is the theme song for my National Anti Bullying Campaign, "Mean Girls Aren't Cool".  Thousands of people are bullied daily.  This song simply reminds us to embrace our differences and celebrate the best of who we are because we are all "Beautiful".  Please enjoy and help spread this message with everyone you come in contact with everyday.  You can purchase the mp3 here on CDBaby.com or here on iTunes.  All proceeds go to anti-bullying education.  I want to thank my friends, REMIX for sharing "Beautiful" with me and making the song and message so meaningful. Enjoy! And always remember