Female Bullying Education & Prevention

     In the past, bullying was considered a problem among boys and was viewed as physical intimidation and violence. Experts are finding that bullying among girls is on the rise. Although it is more subtle, secretive and psychological in nature, the effects can be very serious and can last for years. 

     I hope you have never been a victim of bullying, but, unfortunately, many of you probably have. I have, and I know how devastating it can be, but I also know (from experience) things that can be done to help. When I was in the 9th grade, I developed a program called “Mean Girls Aren’t Cool”, I have presented in schools, clubs, organizations and to “girl groups” across the country. I have two presentations for girls. One for kindergarten through 3rd grades, and another for 4th through 12th grades. My Mom also joins me for a presentation for adults we do together to provide more insight to Teachers and Parents. The program focuses on increasing awareness of bullying among girls and educating about how, when and why it occurs; understanding the difference between teasing and bullying; identifying bullying techniques and tactics; empowering the victims; and getting school officials and parents involved to help prevent the problem. Girls are given the opportunity to feel empowered, gain self-awareness, develop coping strategies, improve problem-solving skills, understand that they are not alone, and learn to make healthy decisions. Having actually faced the same challenges and pressures that the girls are experiencing, allows participants to relate to the message in a more open and personal way and ask questions that they sometimes would not ask an adult.
I feel the program is very effective because I am a teenager and relate to what girls are experiencing, because I have been a victim myself.

     Female bullying is really increasing with the ability to “Cyberbully”. Our technology – the internet, text messaging and cell phones, make it much easier to bully. Now, gossip and meanness toward victims can be done in groups and with lightening speed! If through my program, I can prevent even one girl from being bullied, it will make a difference and that is my hope and my mission.  If you would like more information, or to schedule a presentation contact:

Kelsey Ann Jackson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 601-669-1500.