Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom from Kelsey Ann's Mom    

     If your child is a victim of bullying, one of the most important things to do is to work on their self-esteem.  Probably the best thing we did was to get Kelsey Ann involved in positive activities and organizations outside of school and even outside of town.  It helped her to form new friendships outside of the “cliques”; she was with kids with common interests; and it helped her realize that those girls were not “all that”. She had made many new friends outside of school – she did not need those “mean girls” for friends.    

     Actually, those “Mean Girls” did Kelsey Ann a huge favor. Being involved with these groups has broadened her horizons and given her so many opportunities!  She and I both have also made wonderful life-long friendships.

     I have provided links to some of the groups she is involved with:

• Focus Show Choir – www.percussivemusicmedia.com

• The R.A.T. (Reject All Tobacco) Pack – www.gorat.com

• Students Working Against Tobacco – www.getswat.com

• Generation Free – www.generationfree.com

• The Girl Scouts – www.girlscouts.org

• Susan’s Shoppe – (Kelsey Ann is one of their models! She loves it) – www.susanshoppe.com

• The American Cancer Society Relay for Life – www.lincolnrelay.org

• Miss Mississippi Outstanding Teen - www.missmississippipageant.com

• Miss America Outstanding Teen - www.maoteen.org

• Big Brothers/Big Sisters - www.bbbs.org

• Students Against Destructive Decisions – www.sadd.org